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Emerson CollegeTonalis Music Education       Forest Row, England   1991-1996

This program revealed an in depth study of music education addressing the developmental stages of children aged 1-18. Areas of study included: music history; pedagogical approach to songs, rounds and part singing; musical elements such as rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre and space; new, instruments such as gongs, bells and Choroi lyres and flutes. The course was highlighted with teaching practice, concert tours and workshops in Steiner Schools.

In addition to working with children to help them find and develop their singing voices, I had the pleasure of developing my own singing voice via the practice of daily Werbeck singing exercises and choral singing.

Emerson College Foundation Year              Forest Row, England           1990-1991

Work Experience________________________________________

Integrative Wadorfschule    Music Teacher   Emmendingen, Germany       1999-Present

As the first music teacher in the school I have designed their music programme including initiating the middle and upper grade orchestra and choirs.  I was challenged to find a solution for upper grade students and developed a percussion ensemble and guitar course which addressed their needs.  Each year a full school Christmas concert and other projects such as Samba rhythms have been performed.

Nelson Waldorf School          Music Teacher     Nelson, BC, Canada              1997-1999

Upon arriving in Nelson, I was responsible for visualising and implementing a music program for grades K - 8. In each class I introduced carefully selected music from Mediaeval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Multicultural Streams, addressing the developmental needs of each grade.

Our first Christmas performance included an artistic arrangement of sacred music, violin, gongs and choral singing. The second spring performance highlighted song, movement and recorder in a dazzling array of clowns and colour, called "Cirque du Printemps".

In addition, I provide sound effects and music for class plays and conduct workshops for other schools.

Santa Monica Waldorf School    Music Leader  Santa Monica, CA, USA  July 1998/April 1997

My wife and I planned and implemented a 3 week curriculum which highlighted a performance of "Akimba", a musical puppet play for parents.

Pasedena Waldorf School        Instructor     Altadena, CA,  USA  July1998/April 1997

Each year I worked with the Kindergarten and Class Teacher Trainees to present a Waldorf music curriculum designed out of the Tonalis music impulse.

COMMUNITY WORK_____________________

Upon finishing my education, I embarked on a tour of schools to gain the understanding and experience of school life. As a Music Specialist I taught in the fall of 1997 in the Malamalama Waldorf School, Keau Hawaii  and in the Winter of 1998 in the Nelson Waldorf School.

I’ve also led a community choir in Nelson and participated in various recorder ensembles and quartets.


I have conducted the following music workshops:

       Setting                                Location                       Date

Waldorfschool Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

May 2014

Mother Earth Waldorfschool

Taichung, Taiwan

April 2014

Freiburg Teacher Trainees

Emmendingen, Germany

November 2013

Freiburg Teacher Trainees

Emmendingen, Germany

April 2013

Freiburg Teacher Trainees

Emmendingen, Germany

April 2012

Shang Feng Waldorfschool

Yun Lin County, Taiwan

February 2012

Freiburg Teacher Trainees

Emmendingen, Germany

November 2011

Fungli Waldorfschool

Taichung, Taiwan

February 2011

Fungli Waldorfschool

Taichung, Taiwan

May 2011

Freiburg Teacher Trainees

Emmendingen, Germany

October 2010

Musiktagung Hamburg         

Hamburg, Germany

January 2010

Freiburg Teacher Trainees

Emmendingen, Germany

2004 -2009

Hsinchu University

Hsinchu, Taiwan

February – May 2009

Ci-Xin Waldorf School 

Dongshan,  Taiwan

March 2008

Santa Cruz Waldorf School

Santa Cruz, CA  USA 

April 1999

Calgary Waldorf School     

Calgary  Alta Canada

Februar 1999

Duncan Waldorf School       

Duncan BC    Canada

March 1999

Kelowna Waldorf School     

Kelowna BC  Canada

April 1998

Duncan Waldorf School

Duncan BC    Canada

April 1998

Sacremento John Morse

Sacramento CA  USA

April 1998

Honolulu Waldorf School

Honolulu      Hawaii

March 1998

Nelson Waldorf School

Nelson, BC Kanada

February/March 1998

Spokane Public School

Spokane WA USA

December 1997

Highland Hall

Los Angeles    USA

Aug and Nov 199

Westside Waldorf School

Santa Monica CA  USA

April 1997

Santa Cruz Waldorf School

Santa Cruz CA 

USA  April 1997

Haleakela Waldorf School

Honolulu Hawaii   USA

February 1997