Workshop offer


    Workshop offer

For all class teachers, music teachers, parents and lovers of music:

  •    What does the child of the 21st century need in terms of music?
  •    How does one choose the right music for the right grade?
  •    How do children need to be challenged in music?
  •    How does one inspire the motivation to make music?

    My workshops will:

  • help you to use music in the classroom in a fun, creative way including the
  • use of musical games, improvisation and much more
  • develop a solid music curriculum for the school
  • provide you with carefully selected songs from Grades 1-8 and many insights for High school
  • present you with songs which meet childrens' needs and pose the right challenges for them while explaining the underlying importance of the music
  • include everything from Medieval to Classical period with an emphasis on folk music and multicultural music
  • integrate newly designed instruments, Orff instruments and recorders in a creative way
  • create rhythm work using body percussion, games and instruments such as shakers, drums, boomwhackers etc.
  • teach rhythmic perfomance pieces for numerous styles including African drumming and Brazilian Samba.

    Designed specificially for:

    • lower grades: lyres, pentatonic flutes, creative music games, appropriate songs for each class
    • middle grades: energetic songs, rhythm-games and exercises, performance pieces
    • upper grades: Choir, performance pieces, jazz-type songs and challenging rhythms which will engage even those students who have little interest in music